Monthly Archives: August 2012

‘It changes your life’ – Part 2

It seems trite to say that when you have a baby (or babies) your life changes, because it just seems so obvious. Of course life is going to change. But no-one tells you that you might not like those changes. Continue reading

‘It changes your life’ – Part 1

My friend looked across the dinner table and said in answer to being asked what it was like to have a baby – ‘it changes it your life’. It is only now looking back that I realise what the expression on his face was. Ambivalence. Continue reading


Hormones. Essential perhaps, but how do they play havoc with the body…

Looking back over the last 18 months, I can now see how terribly hormonal I was. I have the utmost admiration for MultiDaddy for dealing with me. Wow, was I a mess.

The most hormonal phase (I now realise) was the first few MONTHS after the birth. Continue reading

A new blog

Afterninemonths is about life – with babies. But the truth about this life, not the sugar-coated version that most people/books/films/society seem to project. I hope to include the things I wish someone had told me before I embarked on this phase of my life.

So let’s begin at the beginning, pregnancy. Continue reading