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Afterninemonths is about life – with babies. But the truth about this life, not the sugar-coated version that most people/books/films/society seem to project. I hope to include the things I wish someone had told me before I embarked on this phase of my life.

So let’s begin at the beginning, pregnancy.

The day I found out I was pregnant was (as expected) amazing. It was just so exciting. I took test after test to be sure. Seeing the word ‘pregnant’ pop up on those digital tests was exhilarating. I found out very early on, only about 4 weeks in and that first week was like the movie version of the early pregnancy – hugging myself with the joyful secret (we told only our immediate families and a couple of very close friends straight away), imagining pregnancy cravings (pizza), and generally being in a little bubble of happiness.

And then, morning sickness hit. Week 5. That should have been my first clue that this was not going to be an easy ride.

Week 6 – the first scan to check for a heartbeat. There were two. We were having twins. Shock, awe, panic, denial.

The pregnancy was tough. Not as tough as some perhaps, but certainly not the relaxed, radiant, blossoming movie version. Showing by week 8, the bump grew and grew, and brought with it drama that may be the subject of another post.

No-one told me pregnancy might not be a wonderful, communing with mother-nature experience. The amnesia is already kicking in (in the back of my mind I’m already thinking, oh, it wasn’t that bad) so while I remember I must write that there were many times when I simply did not enjoy being pregnant. Being unable to get out of a car without help, struggling up stairs, the tiredness and torment of trying to get into some semblance of comfortable sleep are just some examples of the not-fun aspects.

Aside from the general discomfort, the bump’s drama, worry, scares etc all combined to make it difficult to think beyond the birth. So when BabyBoy and BabyGirl were born healthy and happy we had no idea just how unprepared we were….

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