Sleep training – live reports

Things are about to get controversial…

Most of the sleep training info I’ve read has lots of quotes from parents who’ve been through the process (whether it’s worked or not). This is a bit different, because we’re in the middle of sleep training BabyBoy.

BabyGirl is a wonderful sleeper. From about 7 months she either slept through the night (by which I mean at least 11 hours, before 6am is nighttime in my mind) or happily plays in her cot from whatever time she wakes until we go and get her. We did a bit of training on naps, and made sure she went back into the cot if she fell asleep on us, and suddenly she was sleeping through. Result!

BabyBoy never got past 5am, and that was an extremely rare occurrence. Most of the time he was up at 3 or 4am. Even if we took him into bed with us he wouldn’t sleep. As we near the 10 month mark we got to thinking, right, this is not sustainable. We had a cranky, over-tired baby who needed sleep but (for some strange reason, we don’t know what, but it wasn’t hunger, thirst, diaper, dark, light, room etc) just was not getting it. He wasn’t happy during the day and was missing out on things that his well-rested sister enjoyed. We even had him checked by the doctor to make sure there was nothing we’d missed.

So now we’re (rather reluctantly) trying ‘graduated extinction’ – let him cry for a few minutes, go in and check and reassure, let him cry for a little longer, go in again, repeat repeat repeat.

Progress (or lack thereof) will be posted.

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