Sleep training – live report 3

The night we caved and set ourselves back.

Multimummy isn’t feeling well as night 3 approaches. Two nights of sleep training has taken it’s toll. Listening to crying wears you out more than you realise.

To help, Multidaddy offers to take a turn. Multimummy will still have the monitor by her ear, but if anyone has to get up Multidaddy will do so.

At 4.20am sounds on the monitor wake Multimummy up. She’s tired and as arranged kicks Multidaddy awake. He looks at the monitor and wonders aloud whether BabyBoy is teething. Immediately Multimummy scrutinises the monitor – has she missed something? BabyBoy is sitting up and sucking his fingers. Multidaddy wants to go and check BabyBoy.

Multidaddy comes back to the accompanying sounds of BabyBoy’s cries. The question that you never want to hear during sleep training is asked ‘what shall we do’? Resolution goes out the window and doubt floods in. Maybe he is teething. Maybe he is in pain. Just this once let’s give him nurofen and help him get back off to sleep.

Oh the mistake. BabyBoy only settles in Multidaddy’s arms around 5.20am and is up again around 6am. He never makes it back to the cot. This is the night we took two steps back. It is clear in the morning that teething was not an issue.

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