Sleep training – live report 4

The night after the night before…

Multimummy is officially unwell. However, after last night she is reluctant to let Multidaddy take the sleep-training reins. She might have control issues. Or she might be right.

The same compromise is reached – Multimummy will have the monitor, but Multidaddy will get up to check on BabyBoy.

At 4.50am the sound of BabyBoy whimpering filters through the monitor. He’s lying down. This continues for a while. At 5.20am the cries begin to wind up. Multimummy stares at the monitor and considers waking Multidaddy.

By 5.30am BabyBoy sounds like he needs reassurance. Multidaddy goes in to check on him. Things go quiet and Multimummy almost suspects that Multidaddy and BabyBoy have both fallen asleep in the chair. The nursery door is cracked opened and frantic hand waving catches Multidaddy’s attention (ok, he wasn’t asleep). But it’s time to put BabyBoy back in the cot.

The cries start up again immediately. This officially sucks. Multimummy takes the monitor and settles down to wait it out. There’s hope as around 5.50am the cries seem to lessen and BabyBoy returns to lying down. But no luck. By 6.10am he’s been sitting up and crying for a while, it’s time to start the day.

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