Sleep training – live report 5

Night 5 of sleep training (or more realistically night 3 given the lapse a couple of nights ago…)

Multimummy is still unwell. So worried is she that she will pass on the virus to BabyBoy, thus thoroughly derailing the sleep training, that Multidaddy is again going to take charge of checking on BabyBoy although Multimummy will have the monitor. Poor tired Multidaddy.

BabyBoy starts up at 3.30am. A few minutes later he has resettled. Then he starts up again, lies down, quietens down, resettles. This continues until 6am, and although he doesn’t settle for long, he never cries for more than 10 minutes at a time.

At 6am he cries louder and is sitting up continuously. By 6.15am Multimummy decides to start his day. But although it doesn’t sound like much this is another small step of progress (post-lapse) – no parent intervention until the day starts…

Two steps forward, one step back…can this step and the next one take us to the finishing line please??

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