Sleep training – live report 6

Did the next step take us to the finishing line? Sadly no. Live report 6 brings a tale of perhaps half a step back.

Multimummy’s virus is at its zenith (she hopes) but the rest of the Multifamily remain healthy. So BabyBoy’s sleep training continues in this new way of splitting monitor and checking duties.

3am – 4.30am, BabyBoy is on and off, sometimes crying but most resettling. Multimummy keeps the monitor in hand, but also keeps to her bed.

4.30am – proper crying starts. He starts sitting up. This doesn’t look good.

4.55am – Multidaddy is sent in to check on BabyBoy. All is well (apart from the crying, which starts up again the moment BabyBoy is placed back in his cot).

The cries continue. This is tiring. For everyone. Multimummy watches the monitor and gauges how distressed BabyBoy sounds. It’s not too bad. He seems to be calming. Finally, at 5.50am, he’s asleep.

….Until 6.05am. A grand total of 15 minutes. Multimummy sighs, but thinks, at least he did fall asleep.

10 minutes of crying later and it’s time to start a new day.

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