‘You wait until they’re crawling’

This was one thing I repeatedly heard when people were confronted with a clearly exhausted new mum (me) – ‘you think it’s bad now, just imagine what it’s like when they’re crawling!’

Was this supposed to make me feel better about the then-current newborn situation? Or was it a not-at-all-veiled warning said with a sigh of relief that their children were past that stage?

Anyway, BabyBoy and BabyGirl are now avid crawlers. And you know what? It’s so much better than when they were stationary and stuck on their backs. Now when they’re bored they can move on to something different. They can choose what they want to play with. They don’t need mummy holding them upright all the time or moving them when they cry to tell you they’re fed up.

‘You wait until they’re crawling’? Don’t let people scare you! It’s a fab time. Just babyproof a room or two, and you’ll enjoy it as much as they do!

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