Sleep training – live report 7

Multimummy would be losing the will to continue with sleep training had it not been for:

(a) suddenly feeling much better as the virus runs its course; and

(b) discussing the (lack of) progress with a friend, who points out that maybe it’s time to stop picking BabyBoy up during night checks – ‘He’ll know you’re there if you just talk to him / pat him’. And more hearteningly – ‘You’re getting to the end stages of sleep training, when you don’t need to comfort him quite as much’.

Well, let’s hope she’s right.

The seventh night’s training begins at the early hour of 3am. BabyBoy emits a loud, but brief, cry. The cries that follow are small, and he’s lying down a lot. Maybe he is getting the hang of this??

4.45am – he’s asleep!

5.45am…..and he’s awake again. Sitting up in his cot. But for the first time since training started Multimummy actually slept after 3am.

By 6am louder cries begin. 10 minutes later the day begins.

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