Sleep training – live report 9

It’s night 9 of sleep training. BabyGirl, whose cot was moved into Multiparents’ room so that she didn’t have to stay in the nursery with BabyBoy wailing next to her, is still being disturbed during the night – maybe due to the monitor and Multimummy moving around to keep an eye on BabyBoy? She’s been grouchier than usual recently. This is a puzzler as the plan was to move her back into the nursery once sleep training finished. Another issue to contend with….

Night 9 begins at 4am when small cries echo through the monitor. These continue on and off for an hour but BabyBoy is largely calm and lying down. There is an increase in volume around 5am, which prompts a lifted eyebrow from Multidaddy, but by 5.15am he is asleep without intervention. Good boy!

Unfortunately he only makes it through one sleep cycle and by 6am is crying and sitting up. So it’s another 6.20 start to the day, but maybe, just maybe, we’re getting somewhere?

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