Sleep training – live report 10

Note: everything seems worse without the monitor.

In an attempt to give BabyGirl and Multimummy a decent night’s sleep, Multidaddy offered to take the monitor and sleep on the sofa for a night. BabyBoy has been relatively calm for a couple of nights, chances are, Multidaddy said, he’d sleep through most of the small cries which don’t need attention and be able to have the monitor on loud all night to catch any actual needy cries (unlike Multimummy who wakes up and turns the monitor down to try and avoid waking BabyGirl, but which means she’s stays up listening to it on it’s lowest setting once she’s awake and so can’t go back to sleep).

I hope that kind of made sense.

Anyway, BabyBoy started up around 4.30am. And as luck would have it, this night he was loud. Loud enough for Multimummy’s sharp ears to catch. Cried for a few minutes, stop, cry for a few minutes, stop…..on and on until the day started at 6.15am. Without the monitor Multimummy was unable to see what was going on, and spent a good half hour trying to convince herself that all was under control before getting up to confer with Multidaddy (BabyBoy was being noisy, but was lying down).

So in fact neither Multidaddy nor Multimummy got any more sleep.

One step back in the training. And we won’t be repeating that monitor experiment anytime soon.

Multidaddy has convinced me to give it a few more days. In truth, I’m not sure what else we can do….

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