Sleep training – live report 11

Either Multimummy was exceptionally tired last night or BabyBoy is getting better at this sleeping thing…

The monitor squawked around 4-something. It wasn’t a particularly loud or distressed squawk as Multimummy can’t remember the exact time. She remembers looking at the monitor and putting it by her pillow, and then maybe BabyBoy resettled for a bit before waking again around 5am? It’s all a bit vague, Multimummy may even have dozed.

She was woken properly by a scream from BabyGirl at 5.15am. A ‘there is something wrong’ scream. The Multiparents jump into action dealing with BabyGirl. Now all three are properly awake.

BabyBoy is on and off. BabyGirl is awake. By 6am it’s time to officially start the day.

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