Room temperature bottles

You know all those fancy bottle warmers you see, and mummies putting bottles in cups of hot water to heat them up? Well here’s the thing, it’s not actually necessary.

Before BabyBoy and BabyGirl were born we bought an electric bottle warmer. Well, everyone I knew had always heated up bottles of breastmilk or formula for their babies, so I assumed you had to.

Then while I was checking out formula (I wanted to take my own into the hospital just in case there was a reason I could not breastfeed) I noticed the instructions said ‘cooled boiled water’ but nowhere did it indicate that the milk had to be warmed before giving it to baby. And breastmilk, well that would be body temperature or thereabouts, wouldn’t it?

So if we did have to give bottles of expressed breastmilk or formula, would room temperature be ok? Particularly with twins, missing out the heating step would be helpful when you’ve got a baby demanding to be fed now.

It’s seemed like it. I couldn’t find any research to the contrary.

10 months on BabyBoy and BabyGirl have been breastfed, bottle-fed expressed breastmilk, and bottle-fed formula. And the only time we’ve warmed bottles is by running them under the hot tap when we’ve taken them straight out of the fridge (eg if we’ve been storing breast milk) just to take the chill off.

BabyBoy and BabyGirl love their bottles and have had no problems with room temperature milk. And the bottle warmer? It’s still in the box, totally unused.

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