Sleep training – live report 12

Progress may have been made…

Up until 5am Multimummy hears BabyBoy stir once. This necessitates a quick look at the monitor, but in a half-awake state, and Multimummy quickly sinks back into slumber.

BabyBoy stirs again just before 5am, but the feeling of peaceful dozing is shattered when BabyGirl wakes up screaming. As the Multiparents swing into action dealing with her, BabyBoy wiggles around and emits some small cries. It is only at 5.50am that he begins sitting up and crying louder. Everyone is up and the day begins at 6.15am.

The big question remains….if BabyGirl had not woken up, would everyone have effectively slept until 5.50am…??

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