Sleep training – live report 13

The night the monitor had a mind of its own…

All is looking well as BabyBoy drifts off to sleep – he plays in his cot for a little while and then off he goes. No crying even when Multimummy put him in the cot and leaves the room. This, for a boy who often feels the need to protest if Multimummy stands up, is amazing.

BabyGirl isn’t well. But she settles fine. Multidaddy keeps the monitor out in the living room while he finishes up some work – he’ll bring it in when comes to bed. Multimummy turns in early.

At 4.50am Multimummy wakes. She’s heard a soft sound. It’s BabyBoy, she’s sure. Automatically she turns to the monitor, yes, he’s moving around. But there’s no sound coming from the monitor. She’s hearing him through the wall.

A quick look at the menu shows what happens – the volume is turned right down. How did that happen? It had been working fine earlier in the evening.

Multimummy sits bolt upright. Is BabyBoy ok? Has she missed any problems during the night? She turns the volume up and watches as he moves around. He’s fine, just awake. Sounds are coming through the monitor, but guilt overtakes her thick and fast. What went wrong with it?

Was it the volume being turned up or Multimummy moving around that caused BabyGirl to wake around 5.15am? We’ll never know, but she wakes and cries – she needs a nappy change. At that point all four members of the Multifamily are awake. BabyGirl doesn’t resettle, BabyBoy wiggles around in his cot and his cries increase in volume around 6am. By 6.15 another day begins…

Note: the monitor has worked fine all day. How the volume was turned down remains a mystery.

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