Sleep training – live report 15

We were up all night…

But not, to be fair, entirely due to BabyBoy’s sleep issues.

BabyBoy wakes at 4.30am. Multimummy watches him on the monitor. She’s already been woken by BabyGirl at 12.30am and 2am, who’s needed attention as she’s sick. It’s been a long night.

BabyBoy resettles at 4.50am. Thank goodness. Multimummy sinks back into slumber…

…to be woken 40 minutes later by both BabyGirl and BabyBoy. BabyGirl needs attention and an early feed. BabyBoy is up and down in his cot.

It is times like these that the question, ‘Why did we have children again?’ drifts unbidden across Multimummy’s mind.

The only thing that keeps us going is that BabyBoy resettled at 6.30 for 15 minutes….6.45am is a much more civilised time to start the day.

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