Sleep training – live report 16

On the 16th night Multidaddy takes the monitor and is in charge of BabyBoy, while Multimummy looks after BabyGirl. Here is Multidaddy’s report…

‘BabyBoy wakes at some point during the night. He’s lying down, cries for a few minutes and then resettles until around 6am.’

A short and sweet report. It’s looking good. Maybe Multimummy is too hyper-sensitive during the night?

By 6am Multimummy is up with BabyGirl (who has been moving around since 5.30am). She takes over BabyBoy.

From 6am BabyBoy begins to cry, but is still lying down. He plays a bit. At 6.20 the cries get very loud and he’s sitting up. He’s not going to make it until 6.30.

It’s time to start the day.

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