Dropping Feeds

Now I don’t pretend to be an expert on dropping feeds (BabyBoy and BabyGirl are still on four milk feeds a day) but I just wanted to share with any new or expectant mummies out there just how great it feels when you can finally drop those late feeds.

(Note: dropping feeds requires baby to be ready, and this won’t apply if you’re completely demand-feeding without any schedule, sorry if you’ve wasted a click on this post.)

The middle-of-the-night-feed(s): once this goes, yay, you potentially have around 8 hours of sleep, or if not sleep (let’s be realistic here) at least being able to calm baby without all the palaver of feeding. If you’re breastfeeding then the palaver is less, but at least you can safely hand over baby duty to someone else knowing you will not have to do a feed. If you’re bottle-feeding, not having to make up a bottle, find a bib etc is a joy. For both not having to wind baby at night is a blessed relief.

The late-evening-feed (also known as a dream feed): it might not feel like much, doing a feed just before you yourself retire for the night, until it goes. Then, voila, you suddenly have an evening back. A whole evening, when you can have dinner, watch tv…or go to bed early knowing you do not have to be up again at 10pm feeding. A little bit of adult space. It’s amazing.

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