Sleep training – live report 18

Where we decide to incorporate a new strategy into our sleep training.

This was Multidaddy’s report from last night:

‘BabyBoy slept through until 5.30am. He was then on and off until 6.30am, when I went in and started the day.’

So what changed?

Looking at my notes it seems that BabyBoy went to bed slightly earlier on night 17 (some 10 minutes earlier than on night 18). Might that be the key – a la the ‘earlier bedtime = longer nighttime sleep’ idea espoused in the book ‘Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins’?*

We’re going to give it a go for a few nights. Graduated extinction has got us to somewhere between 5am and 6am (way better than 3 – 4am) now maybe shifting bedtime will get us over that last little hurdle. Let’s hope so!

*This idea can also be found (I am informed) in ‘Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child’ by the same author. As I have twins I read his twin book.

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