Sleep training – live reports 19 and 20

I’ve let two days elapse in this sleep training log as the plan is now to move BabyBoy’s bedtime earlier and we moved it back only five minutes on night 19 (unintentionally, life got in the way) and then 10 minutes last night.

Both nights BabyBoy was on and off from 5.30am. Hmph.

However on night 19 he did have a dirty nappy when we went in to start the day at 6.15am (yet another thing to consider in this sleeping game) so that may have been the cause of the disturbance.

Last night there may have been some tiny steps of progress. BabyBoy did actually manage to resettle for some 10/15 minutes. Nappy was fine (switched around proteins during the day). The day didn’t start until 6.30am.

Hopefully we’re inching closer to our goal…but this snail’s pace is so wearing…

(Ps. Any further ideas on sleep gratefully received)

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