Feeding and moving twins around the home

When you’re on your own with non-mobile twin babies, and once they get too big to carry two at once, you’re faced with a dilemma – who do you move first? Will one scream while waiting and mummy is out of sight? Will mummy worry that one little baby is left momentarily unattended? (In my probably over-cautious case, yes.)

Some people choose to set up bouncers etc strategically round the house. I tried that, but that’s a lot of stuff lying around. Bouncers/playmats etc are also low and bending down all the time was tough on my back and healing tummy. I needed a way to move babies round the house without necessarily carrying them.

I then came across a fabulous piece of equipment – a chair soft enough to put a little baby in with an adjustable seat back (it could be used from birth up), adjustable heights (from floor level to table-ish heights), and, most importantly, with wheels.

Ah, those wheels. I could load the babies into their chairs and push them around the house. Someone needs a nappy change? They get wheeled over to the changing table and one baby is changed while the other watches happily from their chair. Mummy needs to be in the kitchen or bathroom? Two chairs are wheeled along. We all need to move from one room to another? No dilemmas, no problem.

As these chairs can be used from birth up, they fully recline (from flat to upright). This means that they can be used for tandem bottle-feeding – recline to one level above flat, strap two babies in and feed. Even if you usually breastfeed they’re useful for this – take a break, express and suddenly daddy can feed two hungry babies on his own!

I’m sure that there are many versions of such chairs on the market, however post-partum I was in no fit state to research them all fully – I just bought the first one I saw (my friend had one so Multidaddy was sent out to buy two of the same). This happened to be the Combi Rashule. I highly recommend it for tandem bottle-feeding and moving babies around the house. I didn’t find it so great as a highchair once weaning started – that lovely soft cushion is difficult to wipe down between meals and it wasn’t the right height for our table – but at 10 months they are still used for milk feeds when I’m on my own (more upright now that BabyBoy and BabyGirl are sitting up).

Note: in case you’re wondering, no, I have no connection to Combi at all.

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