Sleep training – live report 22

Call it intuition, but I’m not convinced moving bedtime any earlier is going to work. I just feel that we’re hitting the right time now (6.45pm).

BabyBoy settled beautifully last night, but woke screaming at 4.45am. We went in to check (had to with those screams) but he seemed fine (a bad dream maybe?), and after a quick cuddle he went back in his cot and after about 15 minutes resettled on his own. He woke at 6.30am – a very civilised time.

So although the 4.45am scream is not fun, the resettling to 6.30am is. We’re so much more rested if we get that extra sleep, rather than being up continuously from 5.30am. Progress, of a sort.

Let’s see what tonight brings…and then we’ll review our sleep strategy.

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