Times Like This

There are times when you’re a mum when you want to (and do) cry…with exhaustion, frustration, anger, overwhelmed-ness, guilt, worry…

And there are times like this, when the house is quiet and you sit back and think over your old life.

My first proper boyfriend was, in my eyes at the time, the most wonderful thing since sliced bread. That first evening when I met him I felt drawn to him, and the next day was thrilled to hear rumours that he liked me too (yes, this was a long time ago). Eventually, we got together. It was great. I was happy.

Until it all ended – via (rather naive) parental intervention (I hope not to do that to my children). I was devastated. Even now, if I hear certain songs they take me back to that time of hurt and misery.

We did get back together a few months later, and stayed together for long while until I realised I’d outgrown him and ended it.

What has this to do with a blog on life with babies? Well now, when I think back to that time of misery and hurt, I still feel an echo of it all, but that pales when I look up at the photographs of my wedding day and my Multifamily. My old life has gone, yes, but there were obstacles then, just like there are now.

At times like this, even while acknowledging all the trials of motherhood, I still feel that now I have it all.

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