Sleep training – live reports 23 and 24

Night 23 was more of the same…early morning waking by BabyBoy. The question then loomed, what else can we try??

The only thing we could think of was the theory of changing his sleep patterns during the night. This is done by disturbing baby earlier in the night, so that hopefully he’s in a deeper sleep by the time early morning rolls around.

Now our ultimate goal is to get both BabyBoy and BabyGirl sleeping through the night, in the same room. So if anyone’s going to disturb BabyBoy, maybe that should be BabyGirl?

So on night 24 we took the plunge and moved BabyGirl into the nursery with her brother, in the hope that being together will either (a) disturb BabyBoy at the right time, (b) encourage him to resettle, or (c) encourage him to play in his cot.

Of course, there was the risk that the babies would just bounce off each other and work each other up… We were not expecting to get much sleep.

Amazingly, however, it wasn’t too bad. Yes, it took them a while to settle when we put them in their respective cots, and there was a 15 minute crying session around 9pm when BabyGirl cried out in her sleep, woke up BabyBoy, who then in turn properly woke up BabyGirl….but otherwise all was well until 5am.

At 5am BabyBoy started shuffling around, by 5.30am he was awake and beginning to cry. But BabyGirl slept on until 6.15am. We gave her a little time to see if she wanted to resettle but no, so our day started at 6.30am.

Not bad at all really.

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