Sleep training – live report 25

A tale of progress…

Everyone settled well on night 25. At some point during the night Multimummy heard someone stir – but it was minor, the memory is vague and the only real clue is that the monitor is off the charging stand when she is woken by BabyBoy at……wait for it…..6.03am!

Imagine Multimummy doing a happy dance at this point.

BabyBoy is on and off for a while, until BabyGirl wakes up too, and then the noise indicates it’s time to start the day at 6.30am.

Note: don’t worry, the monitor still works when off the charging stand, but it starts the night on it due to Multimummy’s (possibly slightly neurotic) fears that the battery will run out.

Note 2: ok, this is only one night, but let’s really hope we’ve cracked it.

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