Sleep training – live report 27

Have we made it?

Everyone settled well, and like last night although Multimummy was aware of shuffling around from 5am, it wasn’t until 6.15am that both BabyBoy and BabyGirl really woke up. Then there was some very cute playing between the two which took us to 6.40am before the day officially started. 

This is the third good night in a row, and for those who subscribe to the idea that doing something for three days means that a habit is forming, this is fantastic news.

And to combat Multimummy lying awake watching BabyBoy and BabyGirl when they make noises that really do not need attention (i.e. the moving around at 5am), it has now been decided that the monitor screen will live on Multidaddy’s side of the bed. It’s not only the babies who need to adjust to all this!

Finally, this (particular bout of) sleep training may well be over…

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