Pressure to Perform

Why do people feel that they should be entertained by babies?

If there’s one thing that riles me, it’s people treating my babies like performing seals. Yes, I might tell them to say ‘hello’, ‘bye bye’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, but that to me is laying the foundation for good manners. It is certainly not my babies’ job to clap on cue, or to demonstrate their new-found ability to stand for the edification of visitors (and ‘visitors’ now includes relatives).

Of course I understand that people want to see the babies’ accomplishments, that they’re excited and proud of them. But I’d rather give visitors a quick nudge when BabyBoy pulls himself up, or BabyGirl plays peek-a-boo with a mirror, so that they can watch the the babies do things in their own time.

Just my two cents.

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