The Grandparent Files – Case 1

I recently started writing about grandparents and new parents. However, as my mother-in-law has come to visit yet again, and our relationship continues to evolve, I’m now starting ‘The Grandparent Files’ – a collection of thoughts, ideas and (hopefully few) rants on dealing with the grandparents – that build on those lessons I’ve already posted about.  

So here we go….Case 1:

Grandparents are visiting. You could do without it, but there’s a limit to the number of times you can say no.

If your baby is old enough, this is a great time to start palming off some activities that you’re not a fan of. For instance, I don’t really enjoy swimming. However, when we’ve taken them before BabyBoy and BabyGirl have loved it, and there’s a pool very close by that’s not too busy. So I suggest that Multidaddy and Grandma take the babies swimming for an hour, while I get on with other things.

A win-win-win: I get out of doing something I don’t particularly want to do, my babies are happy and get some exercise, and grandma gets bonding time (under the watchful eye of Multidaddy).


Note: if your babies are still very young you might not want to let them out of your sight, but allocating baby chores is one way of keeping grandparents occupied on something baby-related.

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