The Grandparent Files – Case 2

I find that one of the most annoying things that someone can say to a (new) mum is that baby doesn’t look like you. Or in my case, that neither of the babies look like you.

Yes, this is another pearl of wisdom that fell from my mother-in-law’s mouth during her last visit.

What is the point of such a comment? Are you saying that they’re not mine (those nine months of pregnancy would disagree)? That there’s been some sort of genetic misstep and they’ve inherited all their genes from Multidaddy? That the hospital made a mistake and gave us the wrong children?

In fact, when BabyBoy was born we were struck by just how much he looked like me when I was a baby. I like to think that was nature’s way of ensuring I bonded with my boy (I was very nervous about having a boy, having grown up only with sisters). BabyGirl is definitely more of a mixture.

So, how to react? Well, I replied with ‘they’re babies, they don’t really look like anyone yet’. I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it – pick your battles and all that. But I silently growled. It’s such an unnecessary thing to say.

Especially to a possibly hyper-sensitive mummy.

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