Loopy Links

Loopy links

Loopy links (Photo credit: hddod)

Playgro and ELC call them ‘Loopy Links’. Bright Starts calls them ‘Lots of Links’. Whatever they’re called by different manufacturers (and there any many), these colourful, plastic, textured links which can be strung together are another extremely useful, inexpensive toy. We have about 40 distributed throughout the house, car and strollers.

Why? Because they are so versatile.

They can be used as:

1) teethers,

2) rattles,

3) as a pull apart / put back together game,

4) to attach other toys to a car seat, stroller or bath seat,

5) to hang toys from the top of a playpen,

6) to create a string of toys to play with while out / on a plane which mummy or daddy can keep hold of one end of, to prevent it falling on the ground, and

7) to keep big toys attached to playpen sides so don’t get thrown around to the imminent danger of other babies.

Easily washed / sterilised as they’re just plastic. Not bad for a product which costs about £8 for 24 links!*

*Playgro via Amazon, other makes / shops may vary.

Note: as ever, I have no connection to any companies mentioned in this post.

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