The Grandparent Files – Case 4: Unsubtle Hints

So my mother-in-law has asked (well, at least that’s progress) if she can visit next week. She will bring some presents for BabyBoy and BabyGirl’s birthdays (which incidentally was last week – that’s another issue). But here’s the kicker – she is also ‘bringing them some winter clothes’.

Now call me over-sensitive if you must, but to me this smacks of a thinly-veiled insult, i.e. implying that I am not dressing my children appropriately. I am a little (ok, make that ‘quite a lot’) annoyed. If she wanted to give them clothes could she not just have wrapped them up, and said it was part of their present?

No, she had to have a dig. Like I said, unsubtle. To the point of being insulting.

Let’s hope we don’t have a repeat of last year’s ‘I don’t care what your mother thinks, if I say the babies are not cold, they’re not cold’ situation…

2 thoughts on “The Grandparent Files – Case 4: Unsubtle Hints

  1. birminghambell

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! My MIL got me a vacuum for christmas. I didn’t ask for a vacuum. Got me a broom later on. How would she feel if I got her some pet febreeze for hour house with the dog living in it this year for christmas? The things they do. I keep reminding myself…just say thanks to everything and then take a shower and talk about what a crazy person she is to yourself. Last night I heard “are these the only socks harper has?” shoot me.


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