Clocks, clocks and more clocks

Clocks are an oft-overlooked baby essential. When you bring baby home you will find yourself checking the time more than ever before as you note how long baby has been feeding and sleeping. As they get older playtime will also be added into the mix, as will mealtimes, playdate times, ‘have I got time to run to the store before baby is likely to be grouchy’ times….

So put clocks on your pre-baby shopping list; at least one, if not two, in each room. Preferably you need to be able to see a clock without moving at any given point in your home. If you’re tandem-breastfeeding twins moving to check the time during a feed will certainly not be an option.

What about a watch? Well, I very rarely wear one at home nowadays. At the beginning I was too fearful of accidentally bumping a baby with it. Now the idea of a baby bringing up milk (or worse) on an item that cannot be submerged in soapy water and throughly scrubbed just doesn’t bear thinking about.

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