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Exercise Challenge – Festive Fun

And so to this week’s update on the December Health and Fitness Challenge!

This week we went overseas for a week. Being on holiday meant that, as foreseen, my good exercise intentions were left at home. Apart from wandering around in the sun with the stroller and splashing around in the pool with BabyBoy and BabyGirl, the only serious bit of exercise I did was 30 minutes of swimming (with dolphins!) on Boxing Day.

So not a great week exercise-wise, but a fabulous one holiday-wise. Bring on the New Year with new challenges….!


Exercise Challenge – Pre-Christmas Week

The latest week of the December Health and Fitness Challenge!

The pre-Christmas week was always going to be a bit fraught. Here’s how close I came to my goal of power walking four times a week this week:

Monday – 30 minutes power walk with double stroller

Tuesday – 15 minutes power walk (got off bus early and walked to appointment)

Wednesday – 30 minutes power walk with double stroller

Thursday – 30 minutes Pilates. My ankles are my new weak spot. Ouch!

Friday – 20 minutes power walk.

Saturday and Sunday were all about Xmas!

So….almost! Better than I thought it would be. I foresee a dip over the Xmas week…but let’s see what happens….

Wind-up toys, the bane of my existence

A lovely person gave BabyBoy and BabyGirl a wind-up TV, the kind that you wind up and then a picture moves across the ‘screen’. They’ve have been around for years and years. I was thrilled when I saw it as I had one as a child and loved it.

BabyBoy and BabyGirl also love it. There is a problem however – they are not yet able to wind it up themselves, so they call for Multimummy to do it again and again and again and again… Each winding only lasts about a minute. This is not conducive to getting dinner on the table.

So as Christmas approaches a note to all toy-shoppers out there: I don’t recommend buying such a toy for any child who can’t wind it themselves. Mummy will not thank you.

Deck the Walls

Here’s an idea – put this high enough on your wall and no need to worry about a toddler or two attempting to pull a tree over…

Love Christmas trees but don’t have the space or time to take care of a real one? Deck your walls instead! Below are some unique and neat ideas. There’s still time…

Images roundup from my Pinterest board, Holiday.

Click on image for source. 


208995238929278590_OY8uAMNi_c208995238929469730_PwL9JI1X_c208995238929469777_9RBeoWBl_c208995238929278594_7xzzn877_c208995238929469734_HX6HbJde_c208995238929469745_kZwsuB5J_c208995238929469749_T3nGvfX3_c208995238929278592_KIEmjOb0_cAs you can see, you can make it as generic or personal as you’d like. The possibilities are endless and are only limited to your imagination. Soo fun and very festive!

I may consider doing this next yr. Would you?


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The Grandparent Files: Nothing is Free

I might be being mean here, but it annoys the heck out of me when the grandparents swan in and think their only job is to be entertained by BabyBoy and BabyGirl. Fine, do come and visit, but don’t leave me to clean up the dinner table while you do a runner with a baby to the nursery.

Nothing in life is free. If you come over, expect to at least offer to give me a hand. I’ll probably be polite and refuse, encouraging you to go play with the kids, but offering will stand you in good stead in getting time with my children.

Exercise Challenge: Does Shopping Count?

As I posted last week, I am taking part in the December health and fitness challenge. My goal is to power walk for 30 minutes four times a week. So, how did I do?

Monday: 10 minutes power walking (rudely interrupted by an appointment)

Tuesday: attempted to power walk on an empty stomach. I do not recommend this.

Wednesday: 30 minutes power walking with double stroller. I have discovered that my legs are incredibly weak. Ouch!

Thursday: 30 minutes Pilates. Drank copious amounts of water throughout. Feel fab!

Friday: does shopping count??

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The Grandparent Files: Undeck the Halls

Christmas trees. A lovely tradition. Twinkly lights, colourful decorations, excitingly-shaped boxes tucked underneath….

But as anyone with a toddler knows, christmas trees can also be dangerous. So much so that this year, as BabyBoy and BabyGirl are mobile now, the tree is firmly tied down out of reach, with no lights (to guard against lead / electric shocks / wire issues) or tinsel (apparently a chocking hazard, who knew?)

And we have be instilling in the children – look, but don’t touch. Those ornaments are pretty (and not glass) but if you play with them they might still break and hurt you, especially the ones with bells which could break into small parts and choke you.

So imagine my chagrin when my mother-in-law and father-in-law began taking the decorations off the tree to give to BabyBoy and BabyGirl to play with. They are not toys, I whispered furiously to Multidaddy. Of course the children are reaching out for them, they’re sparkly and colourful, but you don’t hand them over to them. Continue reading