Exercise Challenge: Does Shopping Count?

As I posted last week, I am taking part in the December health and fitness challenge. My goal is to power walk for 30 minutes four times a week. So, how did I do?

Monday: 10 minutes power walking (rudely interrupted by an appointment)

Tuesday: attempted to power walk on an empty stomach. I do not recommend this.

Wednesday: 30 minutes power walking with double stroller. I have discovered that my legs are incredibly weak. Ouch!

Thursday: 30 minutes Pilates. Drank copious amounts of water throughout. Feel fab!

Friday: does shopping count??

Saturday: 30 minutes power walking with double stroller – such a beautiful day!

Sunday: nada

Ok, so life got in the way of my power-walking-four-times-a-week goal. And I switched things up a bit. But at least I managed something. Having to account for it on this blog makes me very aware of what I did and did not do…..let the new week begin!!

Sneak preview: I managed my power walk today (Monday)!

4 thoughts on “Exercise Challenge: Does Shopping Count?

  1. Valerie

    Way to go!! I think you did awesome! 🙂 ANd I know what you mean about weak legs. After two weeks of lots of exercise, mine are finally starting to feel normal even after a workout. 😉 Have a great week!

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