The Grandparent Files: Nothing is Free

I might be being mean here, but it annoys the heck out of me when the grandparents swan in and think their only job is to be entertained by BabyBoy and BabyGirl. Fine, do come and visit, but don’t leave me to clean up the dinner table while you do a runner with a baby to the nursery.

Nothing in life is free. If you come over, expect to at least offer to give me a hand. I’ll probably be polite and refuse, encouraging you to go play with the kids, but offering will stand you in good stead in getting time with my children.

8 thoughts on “The Grandparent Files: Nothing is Free

  1. lexiesnana

    When I go to my daughters I usually bring dinner over because she is a teacher with four little kids under nine.You are right help is always apprecieated when offered,even if you don’t accept.I sure do love playing with my grandbabies though and am so thankful to my kids for giving them to me.

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