Keep me on track!

Dear Readers, I have a request.

Inspired by the December Health and Fitness Challenge, I want to carry on! It’s time to shift those extra inches that have crept up on me!

For January, the aim is doing 30 minutes of power walking or Pilates four times a week. Might not sound much but to a mum of twins whose body is still recovering from the pregnancy it feels like a lot…. Every Monday I will post my progress on this blog.

So please please please keep reading / liking / commenting – knowing that I need to report to you every Monday will hopefully keep me on track!

Look out for my first report coming soon…

8 thoughts on “Keep me on track!

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  2. Valerie

    I’m here!!! I’ll cheer you on as I am continuing with the challenge as well! 😀 Oh, and I’m “following” you now too. 😉

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