Exercise Report Card 2

It’s the second Monday of January and so time for my second report card detailing how I’m keeping up with my goal of power walking for 30 minutes four times a week.

This week I’ve switched things up quite considerably – I’ve exercised four times, but only one of those was a power walk!

Monday: No exercise. Not a good start.

Tuesday: 40 minutes Pilates. Feeling very pleased with myself for breaking the 30 minute barrier. Unfortunately I did the Pilates just before lunch – a soup and a salad just didn’t cut it….and I slipped up and had dessert. Oops. Immediately went for 15 minute walk to try to counteract the guilt / calories.

Wednesday:  30 minutes power walk in the sun. Gorgeous day. 

Thursday: a busy day, with no exercise 😦

Friday: 40 minutes Pilates. Yes!

Saturday: feeling very guilty as I think about this report card and yet I haven’t done my fourth bout of exercise this week, so…

Sunday: 30 minutes on the cross-trainer. First time in the gym since I had BabyBoy and BabyGirl!! I had to force myself to stop as it felt great, but I don’t want to overdo it and faint / burn out…I’m in this for the long-haul!

Catch Exercise Report Card 3 next Monday!

4 thoughts on “Exercise Report Card 2

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