Exercise Report Card 3: Scaredy-Cat

Monday dawns, and it’s time for this week’s exercise report card on how I’m keeping with my exercise goals. My current goal is to power walk for 30 minutes four times a week.

This week the exercise bug has (finally) hit – I’ve really really wanted to exercise. Long may this last!! But I am afraid of over-doing it and burning out or becoming too tired. For example, I had to talk myself out of exercising on Thursday and Sunday as we’ve had a run of disturbed nights and so I knew I should catch up on sleep when I could…

Here’s how the week panned out:

Tuesday – 40 minutes Pilates

Wednesday – 20 minute power walk with single stroller. BabyBoy and I had some ‘mummy and me’ time which was lovely. We stopped for a (baby) snack and then did another 15 minutes of power walking.

Friday – 40 minutes Pilates. Love it!

Saturday – 25 minutes cross-trainer. Interrupted by a call from Multidaddy – BabyGirl woke up super-early from her nap. We had a grouchy girl on our hands. So we went for a 1 hour gentle hike using the single strollers (Multidaddy got an extra workout when BabyGirl expressed her desire to be carried very loudly).

Let’s hope more sleep = more energy = more exercise in the week ahead….!

2 thoughts on “Exercise Report Card 3: Scaredy-Cat

  1. Valerie

    AWESOME!! I don’t think there is a risk of overdoing it (and that causing burnout) with exercise because the more you do it, the more you *want* to do it, in my experience. 😉 I have to tell myself NO sometimes, though, because of sleep or sickness or what-have-you.
    Keep up the great wprk! xx


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