Young love?

I’ve recently been going through a bit of a ‘worrying’ phase – issues keep jumping out at me that have taken on a whole new significance now that I am a mum.

One issue that trailed across my mind the other day was triggered when I noticed that some other mummies refer to their 1-year-olds as so-and-so’s ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’. All as a bit of fun, but it got me thinking, is this appropriate?

I vividly remember feeling horribly confused at games of ‘kiss chase’ in the playground at age 5 or 6. I knew my parents wouldn’t approve but I didn’t want to be left out, I wanted to feel ‘liked’ but then I was uncomfortable when the boys did catch me.

So, today I pose a question: what do you think is appropriate? Should young children be referred to as ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ by adults? Are childhood games like kiss chase harmful or just innocent fun?

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