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Exercise Report Card 2

It’s the second Monday of January and so time for my second report card detailing how I’m keeping up with my goal of power walking for 30 minutes four times a week.

This week I’ve switched things up quite considerably – I’ve exercised four times, but only one of those was a power walk!

Monday: No exercise. Not a good start.

Tuesday: 40 minutes Pilates. Feeling very pleased with myself for breaking the 30 minute barrier. Unfortunately I did the Pilates just before lunch – a soup and a salad just didn’t cut it….and I slipped up and had dessert. Oops. Immediately went for 15 minute walk to try to counteract the guilt / calories.

Wednesday:  30 minutes power walk in the sun. Gorgeous day.  Continue reading

Disney Princes

I’m not sure how much I agree with this (see the comments for some good points) but yet again it’s got me thinking about the messages my children will be / are exposed to…


But seriously, y’all.

The traditional Disney Prince has about as much sparkle and panache as something completely lacking in sparkle and panache. He has  a creative name like “The Prince” “Prince Charming” “Prince Phillip” “Prince Eric” or “Prince Adam” (that’s the actual name of the Beast, apparently), and no personality. Ok, well, the Beast has a personality, but the only thing anyone else does is be obsessively fixated on some girl he met once in the woods.

Has anyone ever thought that maybe the reason that little boys (generally) don’t like playing princess games is because there’s nothing for them to DO? What prince is actually interesting enough that a little boy would want to dress up like him? What prince actually does anything that a little boy (or anyone for that matter) would want to do? Hey, Mom, today I’m going to roleplay as Prince Charming. I will stand…

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Another simple, but great, toy

Week 45 - An Old English Post Box

Week 45 – An Old English Post Box (Photo credit: letscommunicate)

A while ago I wrote about how sometimes the simplest toys are the best ones.  One of BabyBoy and BabyGirl’s christmas presents makes this point again.

They received an ELC Wooden Post Box (I’ve attached a link to the ELC webpage as I couldn’t find an exact picture of it, but for those who don’t want to click away, it’s basically a toy version of the picture on the right). This is a very simple toy. A square box, with a slot to post five wooden letters into, and a hinged door at the front that can be opened to retrieve the letters. There is also a hole at the back through which letters can be retrieved too.

I love this toy because I had a similar one when I was a child, but I didn’t seriously think it would entertain BabyBoy and BabyGirl for very long. After all, it has no buttons to press, no flashing lights, no sing-a-long music.

But every day, without fail, they pull it out and play with it. Continue reading

Baby on board


airplane (Photo credit: shyb)

I admit, before I had children I was one of those people. The ones who spotted a baby in the airport and immediately starting thinking ‘please don’t be on my flight, please don’t be on my flight’.

Oh how times have changed. Now when Multidaddy and I walk into an airport we’re accompanied by not one but two babies. Now we’re the ones getting the sidelong glances.

But we still have to go places, so here are some tips to make air travel with babies as painless as possible…  Continue reading

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

A fellow blogger, journey2dfuture, has set a challenge called Ten Thoughts Tuesday. The challenge is to post 10 thoughts that you’re having that day. The rules are:

  • It must be posted on a Tuesday
  • It must be 10 thoughts not 8 or 12
  • It cannot be posted after midnight as that would be a different day therefore different thoughts
  • They must be numbered, not lettered or unmarked
  • It IS perfectly acceptable to have one Bonus thought, but it really should somehow reflect or elaborate on one previous thought that needs further airing out.

I’m curious to see what I come up with, so here goes!

1. I’m getting tired and probably should head to bed soon.

2. But first I need to prepare baby things for tomorrow.

3. We’re starting a new baby class tomorrow – eek!

4. Thank goodness BabyBoy and BabyGirl are sleeping right now so that I can write this.

5. I’m kinda craving chocolate, but am going to resist as I had a cheeky dessert at lunch.

6. Or at least try to resist. Continue reading

Exercise Report Card 1

As promised in my post earlier this week, here’s my report card for this week’s exercise:

Report Card

Report Card (Photo credit: AJC1)

Goal: power walk for 30 minutes four times a week

Monday: no exercise

Tuesday: no exercise

Wednesday: and so we begin! 30 minutes power walk

Thursday: 30 minutes gentle Pilates

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Building a stroller collection

Baby transport system

Baby transport system (Photo credit: Mahatma4711)

You will probably buy your baby’s first stroller during your pregnancy. A stroller is a key piece of baby equipment. Don’t be surprised if you amass a collection of strollers throughout your baby’s first year. This will often happen as the reality of moving around with a baby (or two) hits you. One of the most common complaints with strollers is that they are too heavy, and what does not seem too heavy in a shop often seems much much heavier when you are using it every day.

Some things to consider when buying a stroller are:

  • Weight – can you lift it by yourself if you need to? Up stairs? Into the trunk of a car?
  • Is it easy to fold? Could you fold it one-handed if you needed to hold on to baby with another? (Especially useful for airport travel.)

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Keep me on track!

Dear Readers, I have a request.

Inspired by the December Health and Fitness Challenge, I want to carry on! It’s time to shift those extra inches that have crept up on me!

For January, the aim is doing 30 minutes of power walking or Pilates four times a week. Might not sound much but to a mum of twins whose body is still recovering from the pregnancy it feels like a lot…. Every Monday I will post my progress on this blog.

So please please please keep reading / liking / commenting – knowing that I need to report to you every Monday will hopefully keep me on track!

Look out for my first report coming soon…

The Grandparent Files: Disappointment

Regular readers of this blog will know that my mother-in-law and I have our differences. However, this post isn’t one of my usual vents, but more of a musing.

Before I had children, I had an idealistic view of how the grandparents would be involved. Having lived overseas from my own grandparents, I hoped for a more ‘normal’ life for my own children – when the grandparents would be near enough to swing by, give me a hand with the children, take them out for special bonding time etc.

Well, life hasn’t worked out like that. I’m now overseas from my own parents. Multidaddy’s parents don’t see eye to eye with us on child-rearing. I’m nervous and on edge when they’re around.

But most of all I’m disappointed.

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