Exercise Report Card 5: Ouch!

It’s been another busy week, but here we are with this Monday’s update of Keep Me on Track.

Monday – manic day. No exercise.

Tuesday – 40 minutes Pilates.

Wednesday – in pain from Pilates yesterday. Didn’t know my tummy muscles were so near my rib cage!

Thursday – 30 minutes on cross-trainer.

Friday – 35 minutes Pilates. Took it a bit easier than Tuesday!

Saturday – 1 hour gentle hike.

Sunday – ok, the hike can’t have been that gentle, hamstrings are protesting!

4 bouts of exercise – yay! My Pilates instructor is away this coming week so let’s see whether I can continue to keep it up without someone pushing me…

6 thoughts on “Exercise Report Card 5: Ouch!

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