Help, my kid isn’t walking yet!

When you’re looking at your baby’s peers and thinking ‘help….my baby’s not rolling / crawling / walking / talking yet!!’ don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong, or that you’re not spending enough time with your child, or that you’ve missed out some crucial mind-developing game / piece of equipment. It just means that every child develops at his / her own pace.

That sounds like a platitude, but the Multifamily is living proof.

BabyBoy and BabyGirl are twins. They were born at same time (a couple of minutes apart), at similar weights (0.1kg difference), in same environment, to the same parents, with the same opportunities. They eat the same food, sleep in the same room, go to the same playgroups, read the same books, play with the same toys. There’s only one of me so usually the three of us are all together.

And yet…BabyGirl held her head up first, BabyBoy rolled over first, BabyGirl slept through the night 4 months before BabyBoy did, BabyBoy crawled 6 weeks before BabyGirl….

So whatever you do, every child is simply going to develop at their own pace. You can encourage, help and support. But ultimately a certain amount is just out of your hands.


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