Exercise Report Card 6: Ouch Continued…

Regular readers may recall that in my initial post setting out my exercise goals I wanted to power walk for 30 minutes four times a week.

As each week has gone past I have power walked, but often mixed it up with Pilates and time on the cross-trainer. And that’s felt good. I’ve felt like I’ve gone beyond my goal, in a way.

Well, this week has been tougher…I’ve had so little energy…

Monday – 30 minutes cross-trainer. Had to force myself to get on it as my left calf is aching. By the evening it is rock solid. Ow.

Tuesday – 30 minutes power walk.

Wednesday – I really have no energy to exercise. As I will find out on Thursday I am my own worst enemy – I have been eating too little. 

Thursday – 30 minutes power walk. Begin eating a bit more.

Friday  – No exercise. The kids need full-on attention.

Saturday – 30 minutes power walk with single stroller. Feeling bit better.

Sunday – 45 minutes gentle walk with single stroller (life rather than exercise…)

So, this week I have been reminded that food = fuel = absolutely essential. Let’s continue that thought into next week…

5 thoughts on “Exercise Report Card 6: Ouch Continued…

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