Exercise Report Card 7: Guilt Trip and Secrets

This week I have been very aware that taking care of myself takes up time, and this makes me feel guilty. Rationally I know that I need to take care of myself. But without an acute medical reason to exercise / eat well / rest, my emotions tell me that I have no excuse to ‘waste’ time on myself.

Ah, the joy of mummy guilt.

Anyway, here’s this week’s progress:

Monday: 30 minutes power walk in the sun

Tuesday: no exercise

Wednesday: 30 minutes cross trainer nice and early, set me up for the day! Exercising in the morning feels great!

Thursday: a s-l-o-w walk….I know, this doesn’t count…. But amazingly I found out today that I have lost 2kg over the past 3 weeks so let’s call this my reward.

Friday: back on the wagon. 40 minutes Pilates.

Saturday: 30 minutes power walk with stroller. Indulged in belated Valentine’s Day dinner. Maybe need to find a way of celebrating that does not involve food.

Sunday: 30 minutes cross-trainer.

Now why all this talk of food and weight-loss this week? Well, I have a secret to admit – I’ve joined Weight Watchers. Things are not terrible, but one aspect of this new mummy life is that I’m far more concerned about what BabyBoy and BabyGirl eat than what I put into my body. Which is, as we all know, and despite the hefty dose of mummy guilt, not rationally healthy.

I’ve never had to ‘diet’ before so I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a program that is basically portion control + healthy eating + exercise. It seems to fit in with my newfound aim of exercising.

But shhh, I’m still a smidge embarrassed. Daft I know.

6 thoughts on “Exercise Report Card 7: Guilt Trip and Secrets

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