Toddler Milk?

BabyBoy and BabyGirl graduated from breastmilk / formula to cow’s milk a couple of months ago. For me, this was an unmitigated relief when compared to making up formula – no more measuring out powder, using sterile water etc etc.

However, I (like, I suppose, many other parents) went through the debate – should I switch to cow’s milk or one of the many many toddler / growing up milks that are out there and marketed to us?

At first, influenced by that marketing no doubt, I was leaning toward toddler milks. It was familiar – sticking to the same powder-and-water routine, no need to refrigerate etc etc. But then I began to question, why?

Why does a toddler need special milk? From what I could see, these milks are fortified with various vitamins. That’s all well and good, and vitamin supplements are recommended (in the UK at least) for children up to the age of five….but what if your toddler does not take enough milk?

Personally, given the above, we prefer to give BabyBoy and BabyGirl a spoonful of vitamin liquid every morning. Why? Because we can know that they’ve actually taken it. There’s no worry about whether they’ve taken enough fortified milk during the day if they don’t feel like it, or if they’ve eaten a lot of things like cheese or yoghurt instead.

Is anyone out there using toddler milks? Have I missed something? Is there a reason other than vitamins that you use these products? Do let me know…

3 thoughts on “Toddler Milk?

  1. Valerie

    Idk anything about special toddler milk, but here all cereals are fortified (and I mean kids and adult cereals!). Samuel will be 18 months old next week and he’s still a very enthusiastic breastfeeder, but when he is weaned, I am planning to try almond milk. 🙂
    I had to give liquid vitamins to my older son, Joshua, because he was slightly anemic, so the vitamins gave him more iron. I put it in his juice and he was fine with it.

    1. multimummy Post author

      Oooh, almond milk? Sounds interesting – never heard of that!

      NHS in UK (home for me) recommends vitamin supplements of A, C, and D…despite all the cereals / bread etc being fortified. I was very surprised by that recommendation….

      1. Valerie

        They recommend supplementing Vitamin D here too (from birth) but I decined because I have always been sure to get them out in the sun, which is the natural way to get it. 🙂 Some places don’t get enough sunshine (especially during certain months) but here, we have plenty, thankfully!
        I was so relieved when they checked Sam’s hemoglobin at his 12 m appointment and it was normal – no anemia!
        Yes, almond milk has more calcium than even regular cow’s milk and lots of other super good for you things! It is cheaper than organic cow’s milk (which we buy too), so we won’t be paying more once we start buying it. They have regular flavor and vanilla flavored.

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