Ten Thoughts Tuesday 9

TTTAnother Tuesday and another Ten Thoughts Tuesday post.

Here are this week’s musings:

1. This week, airbrushing has caught my attention.

2. I do think it is getting out of control – we can no longer look at a photograph and think we’re looking at something real.

3. Which is bad enough for adults, but how can you convincingly explain to a child that some photos are just ‘pretend’?

4. For an illustration of just how far airbrushing / photoshop has gone, check out this link (please be aware of some strong language in the notes below the pictures).

5. I’m actually quite angry about the whole thing – possible overreaction?

6. Exercise has gone out of the window today as woke up with a back in spasm.

7. Ouch ouch ouch!!!!

8. No, it is getting better, but I’m limiting my typing for today as it still hurts.

9. BabyBoy and BabyGirl continue to amaze me with their leaps and bounds in walking, talking….everything.

10. I thought the amazingness was a cliche, but it’s true!

6 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday 9

  1. Valerie

    I feel that way too about photoshopping. :/ When I’m on Pinterest, I see all these amazing photos of places I’ve never been, but now I find myself wondering, which ones are REAL?! Grrr
    Sorry about your back. 😦

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