Exercise Report Card 10: Hitting the Wall

Last week’s exercise report card showed that I’d met my goal of four bouts of exercise a week, but all within three days. As suspected, this was not a good idea. I didn’t feel that great and at my weekly weigh-in I’d put on 0.2kg. Yes, I felt like I’d hit a wall.

So this week I have exercised on six days out of seven. It’s been gentler than normal as I was hit with a back spasm at the beginning of the week, but at least I’ve been moving.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: 30 minute walks (with stroller on Friday and Sunday)

Thursday: 30 minutes Pilates

Saturday: 1 hour gentle hike with single stroller.

Weigh-in due this Wednesday. Terrified.

9 thoughts on “Exercise Report Card 10: Hitting the Wall

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