Ten Thoughts Tuesday 10

TTTThe random-ness of the Ten Thoughts Tuesday challenge continues!

Here are this week’s musings:

1. This week, I’m thinking about body image.

2. Not so much to do with me, but how it affects young girls.

3. Barbie is under fire yet again for promoting an unrealistic body image.

4. Which may be true, but I’m of the mind that how your mother deals with her body image is likely to have a more profound impact on a child’s body image than a doll.

5. For example, if mummy is constantly on a diet / worrying that she is fat and making this obvious to her daughter, then surely the daughter is more likely to diet / have body image concerns herself?

6. Which is fine as an adult, not so fine at 7 years old.

7. I personally intend to hide all evidence that I am on a diet (if I ever am) from my children while they are young.

8. I intend to focus on healthy eating and exercise rather than weight loss with them.

9. Well, those are my intentions, BabyBoy and BabyGirl are only a year old, so we’ll see what happens as they get older.

10. Any advice on creating confident body image very welcome!

7 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday 10

  1. When the Kids Go To Bed

    I like to teach the kids that food is fuel. I don’t say the word “diet”. I’m trying to eat healthy foods because my body NEEDS those things and their bodies need those things too. A great book that my boys LOVE and we’ve read over and over for the past few years…Berenstain Bears Too Much Junk Food.

    1. multimummy Post author

      That’s such an excellent way of looking at food – and it’s something I’ve been much more aware of now that I’m actively looking at portion sizes – does my body actually need that? Hadn’t really considered how I would pass that message onto the kids so will look into the book you recommended!

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