Exercise Report Card 11: Walking Wonders

It’s been a manic week, so I’ve been mainly limited to walking (and this is going to be a short post as it’s totally catching up with me). I was amazed to find that I’d dropped another kilo at this week’s weigh-in, so don’t let anyone tell you that walking isn’t exercise!

This week’s report:

Monday, Thursday, Friday: 30 minute walk with stroller

Tuesday: 30 minutes Pilates

Saturday: 1 hour walk with stroller.

My goal this week is to try and integrate some of my exercise into doing errands, as it’s looking like another full week ahead…

1 thought on “Exercise Report Card 11: Walking Wonders

  1. Valerie

    I ordered a Biggest Loser power walking dvd from amazon a few days ago, and I’m just waiting for it! Can’t wait! Oh yes, walking is exercise! 😀


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