‘Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.’

Unwanted advice is part and parcel of having a baby. From your mother-in-law, sister, lady at the post office, taxi driver, person you’re trying to desperately maneuver your stroller around on the sidewalk….

People are going to give you advice, often at times when you don’t want to hear it, and often you will think that it is complete and utter nonsense. You will get fed up. You will get angry. You will want to tell them to keep their nose out of your life.

But what can you actually say if you don’t want to get into a full-blown debate with the supermarket cashier (or possibly escorted off the premises)?

When I can, I like using the ‘oh, it’s different with twins’ reply. It’s a nice perk of being a twin mummy – no way that grandmother-of-seven who’s judging me can counter that one!

But at other times, and for those with singleton babies, I just say:

‘Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.’

And then promptly forget it.

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